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fabio bottainiWhen the Music is created also by who listen to…


Ecto Music is a new way of offering and receiving music.
Who participates is no longer a passive listener but actively contributes to the creation of the sonorous event.

With proper preparation we get a deep relaxation, reaching that place where we are all One. The piano becomes the sonorous printer of the collective Consciousness and the music that “comes out” (Ecto Music) is created simultaneously by all the participants.

By 432 Hz tuning, the piano also assumes function of dimensional gate that allows us to travel in space-time and access to new unexplored dimensions. The sounds we create, in this non-ordinary state of consciousness, are rebalancing sounds for us and for the noosphere.

About Fabio Bottaini
Musician, composer, researcher in the psycho-physical-energetic rebalancing field. His particular research, linked to the study of non-ordinary states of consciousness, leads him to discover, in 1985, a new way of offering and receiving music: thus Ecto Music borns.
Consisting of musical episodes (Sonorous Fables), this music is created at the moment, without following any predefined melody, harmony or rhythm and is composed both by the performer and the listeners.
The participants are suitably prepared in such a way as to facilitate the experience bypassing the critical attitude of the rational mind. This creates a deep synergy, a sort of melting between who plays and who listen to and the music that arises is the result of this “collective energetic collaboration”.
“The 432 Hz tuned piano is not only a musical instrument: it is a dimensional gate too that can give you access to unexplored places.”

My life
At 8 years old I was given my first little organ. At 16, I realized that the reality we live in is nothing more than vibration, and that the only thing that really worth to apply in life was music. In particular I was fascinated by its creative aspect and improvisation became over time my specialty. At 27 I make a sensational discovery: reaching a particular state of non-ordinary consciousness I realize that I can improvise at the piano making me “drive” from the surrounding environment and, appropriately preparing any listeners, these become composers with me, contributing actively to the creation of Sound. Thus Ecto Music was born (from the greek Ektos: outside or from outside), the Music that “comes out” from the unified field! Many years have passed since then, and in countless carried meetings (concerts) emerged ever more the extraordinary rebalancing potential of this new approach to music: what makes the difference is the possibility to be co-creators of the music that we’re listening to! Of course for this to happen it is necessary to abide to certain parameters: participants must be able to take a very comfortable position, must be protected from cold, noise or movements, the light must be very low; all this to allow people to reach a very deep relaxation and create together a “Collective consciousness” which then, through my hands, “plays” the piano. Music also created by the listener, therefore, and not only: the environment with its energies and “invisible entities” becomes part of the “game”. And every time it’s a “miracle” … I never cease to thank the Universe for giving me this gift and this is my mission: to share and let try this wonderful experience of “union with the One” through Sound.



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