Ecto Music

When creativity follows only the Ecstatic Way...

Ecto Music comes up

from a new way of conceiving the improvisation.

Who participates is no longer a passive listener but contributes

to the creation of the sonorous event in active and decisive way.

By an adequate preparation we deeply get down, reaching that place where we all are one.

The piano becomes so the sonorous printer of our collective consciousness and the music that “comes out”

(Ecto Music) is created simultaneously by all of us.

By 432 Hz tuning the piano also assumes function of dimensional gate that allows us to travel in space-time and access to new

unexplored dimensions. The sounds we create, in this non-ordinary state of consciousness, are healing sounds for us and for the noosphere.





Spiritual Quest Tour

The Breath of Sound

Interactive Experiential Concert

Spiritual Quest Tour Ltd is proud to present an exclusive Interactive Experiential Concert, with Pianist and Researcher Fabio Bottaini; who created ’Ecto Music’ as a music healing therapy.
What is Ecto Music?
Ecto music is a new way of thinking about improvisation, where the participant is no longer a passive listener but contributes to the creation of the sonorous event in an active and decisive way. It is constituted by musical episodes (Sonorous Fables). The music is created in the moment and does not follow any predefined melody, harmony or rhythm; it is composed together by musician and listeners.
The event will begin with some relaxation techniques to allow a more natural way of participate in the music, which will be less influenced by the critical attitude of the rational mind. This creates a deep synergy, a sort of fusion between the musician and the listener, the result of this is a “collective energetic collaboration”.
We live in a hectic world that dominates our lives and we are surrounded by technology which limits the way we perceive and see the world. 
What are we actually looking for? Are we sure we know what it is? And, if it so, is it within ourselves?
This concert will stimulate your musical creativity that is within you, and you will be surprised of what you will achieve.
Experience a new way to listen to a piano concert: you will be able to contribute to the sound of the music that will be spontaneously created and written at the time!
You will be able to develop your musical creativity that is dormant in your subconscious mind and
you will be surprised of what you can achieve by playing the piano for the first time.
The Way of Music and the Ecstatic Way
The Way of Music is what a musician has learnt during his training: theory and harmony with his instrument, all music is composed but the listeners doesn’t participate.
   The Ecstatic Way, INSTEAD, is IMPROVISATION, going to "ecstasy" (ex-stasis = out from the physical body as a static dimension), that is to enter into a particular "non-ordinary state of consciousness” through which you can create a prodigious contact with your instrument. 

Date Saturday, 9th February 2013

Fee: £50pp Includes: the Breath of Sound Concert, complimentary refreshments.

Venue: The Amadeus Centre, 50 Shirland Road, Little Venice, London, W9 2JA
 Directions:2 minutes’ drive from the A40(M) and 10 minutes’ walk from Warwick Avenue Tube Station (Bakerloo line)

Minimum participants: 15 and Max participants: 40

Bookings:  email:

*Price quoted is per person doesn’t include insurance, lunch or transportation.

Please visit our website for full terms and conditions.

P.S. Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a pillow;

wear loose clothes and thick socks (2 pairs).


It’s recommended to have a light breakfast before the concert commences.
About the Lecturer:
Fabio Bottaini is a Musician and Researcher, he studied piano and classic music at early age. Since 1974 his particular research related to the study of non-ordinary state of consciousness led him to discover a new way of improvising music which helped him to create ‘Ecto-Music’. His music therapy has been very successful in China. Fabio makes regular contribution in the media in Italy.
He is one of the lecturers of the upcoming conference that will be held in Florence about ‘Future Horizon of Quantum Art and Augmented Reality’.
He has recorded nine CDs: "Sonorous Fables at Amarti Farm", "Ecto Music @ Infernotti", "Ecto Music at the Chalet of Lindens", "Cosmic connection" with the collaboration of Anna Federighi in the role of channeler, "Vibrations crystal clear", with the collaboration of Anjori and her crystals, "Concert at the Pietralata Castle"; "The breath of Sound", "Holotropic tales", "The breath of Sound of the strands of grass".
          For further information about Fabio Bottaini, please visit